Bonavita is a female character and is a secondary character in Cingers.

Bonavita (Female Character)


Bonavita is the mother of Adelisia, mother-in-law of Adelisio and is maternal grandmother of Abenzio and Adelisa. She is the only one in the family who is not a criminal. Bonavita is just a woman obsessed with becoming the most famous actress in Dragon City and wants to sabotage other actors or steal their place for her to become a star. She is arrogant and is willing to resort to tricks if need be. She has a great relationship with her son-in-law Adelisio and her grandchildren and her daughter. She is a friend and neighbor of Bonavita, the father of Adelisio. Bonavita is Larry's ex-wife and is divorced from her ex-husband for two years.


  • Coincidentally, Bonavita is the same name as the father's name of the murderous villain Adelisio, who is an old man.
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